new podcast: Uncle Bob’s Campfire

Just your crazy uncle telling his adventures in the dark. He says he’s the kind of guy trouble always finds, but he’s lying. Probably. Often horror, always weird.

Whilst not totally enthused by the trailer (it’s quite on the nose, and just happened to be the second time this week I’ve heard the answerphone gimmick), I’m really glad I kept listening. The first episode is a lot of fun. Breezy, with some nicely teed up nastiness.

It more or less nails this feeling that only single-narrator dramas can pull off; of arriving at something awful by let oneself fall through multiple cracks. There’s an accrued isolation and a steady accumulation of horrors here that I associate with some the best Knifepoint Horror episodes, but with a tone all of it’s own. Refreshingly light in places, but still managing to pack a punch. Plus, I can never get enough of stuff with unreliable narration. I’m looking forward to seeing where this one goes…

You can find the trailer and the first episode here.