a quick update: tags, spoilers, and content warnings

I’m trying to be pretty conscientious about tagging stuff, I want it to be a viable way of finding stuff you might be into. Having said that, I’m going to avoid using tags that could be considered spoilers. Premises and appropriately vague themes only. So like, whilst “babysitters” would be in (or will be in, now that I think of it; there’s this episode of SessionsX that’s just ten out of ten, chef’s kiss ruinous), “clown statues” and “the call was coming from inside the house” are out.

Speaking of tags, something I’ve put some serious thought into implementing is content warnings. I think it’s a very reasonable thing to accept that there are certain subjects some people may want to avoid, especially in a medium that can so easily overlap with your day-to-day life. Having said that, I don’t think I can feasibly make it work here. The problem is I’m attempting to catalogue literally hundreds of shows, many with dozens of episodes. There’s a good chance I may never get round to listening to them all. Content warnings anywhere on this site would imply that listings without don’t contain that kind of content. Better to acknowledge that I just can’t vouch for this stuff.